About Me


Welcome to my personal portfolio!

I started my career as a software developer almost two decades ago by developing applications for MS-DOS. I moved on to 3d games programming, working for a company now known as Crytek Studios. I stuck to web development ever since I discovered it around the millenium.

In the world of the internet, I made first experiences as a consultant and developing web applications using CGI, PHP and MySQL. When I stumbled upon Ruby and the Ruby on Rails Framework back in 2008, I was truly amazed. Since then, I try to use it when ever it makes sense, which is almost always.

I love the analytical part of my job, always looking for the right solution and staying creative in approaching complex problems. I believe in agile, test- and behavior-driven software development practices as one of the best ways to do the things that matter - and to do them right.

I have in-depth experience of working together with multicultural teams of different size, producing creative and outstanding solutions.


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